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Friday, 26 July 2013

Social Media Marketing Ideas That Can Boost Your Business

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Social Media Marketing Ideas That Can Boost Your Business

When you think about it, not that many businesses take advantage of Social Media Marketing. They do not understand Social Media Marketing and how powerful it is. When used properly, marketing with social media can elevate the number of clients a business attracts.

This article contains some essential tips to help you to get your Social Media Marketing campaign started.

If Twitter is being used as part of your marketing strategy, you must be responsive and consistent. If people mention you, thank them, and if questions are sent to you answer them. This will build a bond between your company and your clients. Set yourself up as an individual not simply a business.

Writing as a guest blogger on a popular site in your industry or hosting an expert on your blog are both powerful strategies. Both tactics will increase your traffic. Whenever you decide to guest blog on someone's site, always include links that go back to your own site. Always, be willing to reciprocate for your own guest bloggers. When this happens, both the primary blogger's site and your site will get more traffic.

Establish a combination of email strategies as well as social media initiatives. Add in links to your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ when you send out emails to try and market to people as much as possible. It is also possible to get people to sign up for your newsletter by including a link that leads people to visit the registration page.

Think about Facebook games. You could easily create your own game related to your products or industry. Some well-known companies have been able to leverage Facebook's game functionality to create viral properties that attracted millions to their Facebook pages.

Your Social Media Campaign is going to fail unless you have a crystal clear vision of what your target audience is like. You need to find out what these people are using social networks for, how much time they are spending on this type of website and what kind of content they would like to see.

Don't be strict about the frequency with which you post updates. Create excitement by updating the content of your social media sites more often when launching new products or services. If you are having a hard time coming up with new content, you may want to post less often.

Update your social network profiles when you post new content on your blog. This gets your social media followers in the loop by alerting them that your business just posted something cool.

You can increase your social media followers by offering them exclusive deals, discounts, and coupon codes. Your consumers can feel like they're in a special club where they get discounts from their profile and that can boost your profits with extra sales.

A quote by Seth Godin:

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”

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